Eps 234 – RIP Santos Ellin, Jr. (The Black Saint, 2017) – Horror News Radio

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Eps 234 – RIP Santos Ellin, Jr. (The Black Saint, 2017) – Horror News Radio

It’s a somber mood for The Grue Crew this episode. Our Gruesome family received some devastating news this past week. Our brother in pods Santos “The Black Saint” Ellin Jr. passed on September 21st, 2017. A loyal host of the show since it started back in 2013, Santos was not just a fun voice and a bitter commenter. He was family. For this special episode of Horror News Radio, Doc Rotten, Dave Dreher, Thomas Mariani and Christopher G. Moore pay tribute to their favorite curmudgeon and try to make sense of all this sadness.

Next week, the entire HNR Grue-Crew would love to hear from you, the listeners, the fans about this untimely passing. You can always reach out via email at media(AT)gruesomemagazine(DOT)com, feedback(AT)horrornewsradio(DOT)com or find us on Twitter: Doc Rotten | Dave Dreher | Christopher G. Moore | Thomas Mariani  or come to the Horror News Radio Facebook Group to help others in this harsh time.

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Episode 234 – RIP Santos Ellin Jr.
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Santos Ellin, Jr., Chad Hunt, and Doc Rotten at Mad Monster Party Charlotte 2014
Santos Ellin, Jr. and Joey Fittos at Monster-Mania 2017
Joey Fittos, Doc Rotten, Santos Ellin, Jr., and Christopher G. Moore at Monster-Mania 2017
Doc Rotten, Christopher G. Moore, Santos Ellin, Jr. (center), Joey Fittos, and Mary Fittos at Monster-Mania 2017Doc Rotten, Thomas Mariani, and Santos Ellin, Jr. at DragonCon 2016

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