Eps 208 – Life (2017) – Horror News Radio

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Eps 208 – Life (2017) – Horror News Radio

Waiting patiently for Ridley Scott’s Alien: Covenant to arrive this Summer, the Grue-Crew whet their appetites for aliens vs human carnage with the Daniel Espinosa sci-fi/horror opus Life out in theaters March 2, 2017. The film plays close to type combining Alien with Gravity as a newly discovered alien rips through a small group of space scientists. Fun times! The best thing about the film is the Twilight Zone down-beat ending that is pretty spectacular. Getting there garners mixed results from the Grue-crew.

Shudder once again serves up new material with the premiere of Prevenge from writer/director and star Alice Lowe. Dave returns this week to share his affection for this film with Thomas passionately backing him up. However, Doc steps into the ring in the opposite corner and that never goes well. Regardless,  you’re going to want to hear the review and check out this horror film on Shudder.

Dave pilots this week’s edition of Horror News of the Week with a possible Venom R-rated horror film and the Escape from New York remake finds a director. HNR and Gruesome Magazine are heading to a number of horror conventions and film festival in the coming months with Joey Fittos covering New Jersey Horror Con and Film Festival March 31 – April 2, 2017. This week Doc Rotten discusses his visit to Mad Monster Party Carolina, March 24-26, 2017.

Co-hosts Santos (The Black Saint) Ellin Jr.Dave Dreher and Thomas Mariani are back again this week to give you the best in horror as they recap, review and obliterate all that is horror this week! Oh, and don’t forget – Stump the Saint! (Brought to you by Gruesome Magazine)

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Episode 208 – Life (2017)
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Feature Review: Life (2017)

Hitting theaters this past weekend is the promising blend of Alien and Gravity as Ryan Reynolds, Jake Gyllenhaal, and Rebecca Ferguson face down the ferocious machinations from director Daniel Espinosa and Rhett Reese & Paul Wernick (Deadpool) in the sci-fi/horror film Life (2017). A team of scientist on the International space station circling Earth discover an alien life form that grows into a monster willing to kill to survive. While much of the film feels like seen-that/done-that, the ending of the film is quite memorable and thrilling. Great special effects and solid cinematography don’t always win out over spotty character development and massive plot hole. Yet, the film is fun.

What Have You Been Watching: Prevenge (2017)

Heading straight to Shudder streaming site after a positive debut at SXSW, Prevenge from writer/director Alice Lowe features a pregnant mother-to-be facing either a massive mental break down or an evil force from within encouraging her to act out on her anger issues, slicing and dicing anyone who crosses her path to shreds. Fun is had by all, maybe. The Grue-crew dive into the the horror film with great respect from most and a hint of disdain from one. Uh, oh.

Outline of the Episode

  • [00:00:40]: Intro
    • [00:02:43]: Night of Something Strange Prize Pack
    • [00:03:18]: We Go On Contest
  • [00:04:19]: Horror News of the Week
    • [00:04:36]: Robert Rodriguez Directing Escape from New York Remake
    • [00:11:48]: Godzilla: Monster Planet
    • [00:16:25]: Death Note Trailer
    • [00:19:11]: It Documentary
    • [00:22:35]: Venom R Rated Film
  • [00:29:42]: Support HNR
  • [00:30:16]: Feature Review – Life (2017)
  • [01:08:18]: Announcements
    • [01:08:22]: Gruesome Magazine Campaign’s Final Days!
    • [01:09:08]: Mad Monster Party Carolina Convention Report
  • [01:11:31]: HNR Heading to Conventions
  • [01:13:16]: What Have You Been Watching – Prevenge (2017)
  • [01:29:47]: Stump The Saint


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