Eps 12 – Go to Hell – The American Horror Story Fan Podcast

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Eps 12 – Go to Hell – The American Horror Story Fan Podcast

Welcome to The American Horror Story Fan Podcast: Coven. This week, co-hosts Doc Rotten and Thomas Mariani provide a spoiler filled review of American Horror Story: Coven episode 12 starring Jessica Lange, Taissa Farmiga, Kathy Bates, Sarah Paulson, Lily Rabe, Evan Peters, Denis O’Hare and Emma Roberts. The twelfth  episode of Coven is titled “Go to Hell” which contains a casket full of surprises, gore and horror. Fiona!? What happened? Why, baby, why?

Another season of American Horror Story is coming to a close as Coven airs its penultimate episode, “Go to Hell.” And the show literally goes to hell, twice! This episode is full of shocking turns and surprise deaths. It also has a brilliant cat fight as Misty Day whoops ass on Madison. Then there’s Papa Legba and the Axeman. And more. It’s another great episode of American Horror Story: Coven.

The American Horror Story Fan Podcast: Coven
Episode 12 –  Go to Hell
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After the recap, Thomas provides his Crazy Moment of the Week and Doc shares his Outrageous Theory of the Week. Out of all the nutty things that show creators Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk could possibly shove into a single episode, what could Thomas possibly settle upon? And what theory could possibly come out of Doc’s warped mind to shed any light into the Coven’s bewitching voodoo ways? Listen to the podcast and find out.



Listener Feedback

We also want to hear from you! The American Horror Story Fan Podcast is designed with the fan in mind and listener feedback is encouraged. That’s right, we want to hear from you! To help you out, we have a Speakpipe account set up for you to leave your Voice Messages. Click on this link and leave Doc and Thomas your thoughts. What are your theories? What was the craziest moment of the show? Who’s your favorite character? Which character do you despise the most? The service is free and no number is required, all you need is a PC and mic.

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This post was written by Doc Rotten
Doc Rotten is a film critic for Gruesome Magazine and podcast host for Horror News Radio, Monster Movie Podcast, Decades of Horror: 1970s, Decades of Horror 1980s, The American Horror Story Fan Podcast, Hannibal Fan Podcast and The Future of Horror. He was also co-host Dracula on TV TALK and was a contributing reviewer for HorrorNews.Net and Widescreen Warrior. He is also a lifelong fan of horror films, sci-fi flicks and monster movies first discovering Universal Monsters and Planet of the Apes as a young child in the 1970's searching out every issue of Famous Monster of Filmland (and, later, Fangoria). Favorite films include Jaws, The Car, The Birds, The Tingler, Vampire Circus and The Exorcist.


  • Tanya Scarborough Wallace

    I pretty much watched the episode with my mouth wide open! Completely OFF THE CHAIN!

    • Hee hee! Thanks Tanya. Yeah, it was an event filled episode. Misty Day’s whoopin’ Madison’s ass was the highlight for me. Thanks for the speakpipe feedback too. Woot!

    • Mick St John

      the best part is when Madison got the living crap kicked out of her by Misty Day; Maybe it is just me getting older, but I thought Madison what a brat and needed some good ole fashion ass whooping! agree or disagree, Tanya? And btw, listening to the podcast, I think your comments have been on target and great!

  • Will Smalls

    Wow…I can’t believe you guys panned the episode. Yes Myrtle Snow did that…you could see Fiona smell the flowers before the bloodynose…and Myrtle would do that…also this Episode was my favorite. I understand it had time elipses but the actions and plot were awesome. I love your reviews but I think its just you don’t appreciate the americanism of horror not the gore but vanity and ugliness of how things are across american history. Im sure you both do..being movie buffs but you have to go back and give it 2nd look. Outside of Zoe/kyle sucks, there are alot of subtly .

    • Will, I was totally confused about who left the flowers – watching the show again, confirmed my reservations. D’oh. Looks like I simply wrote the wrong name down in my notes. I did like it more with a second viewing, by the way – and now I am convinced we have not seen the last of Fiona – what if the flowers were meant for something else, not simply to give her a bloody nose – what if Myrtle has something else planned? [ cue music – bumm, bumm, buuummmmmm. 🙂 ]

      I think my issues are mostly with having to shove so much into this episode when some of the previous ones meandered around so. It felt so rushed and that effected my enjoyment of the show. It did have its highlights though – fantastic ones at that!

      Thanks for the feedback – and it seems, from yours and other feedback we’ve gotten, that Thomas and I may be on our own on this one. D’oh!

    • Mick St John

      You have some good points, Will, but I have to agree with Doc. It was fun; but not frightening. Not a bit. I could follow what was happening during this episode; and I loved the fact that Madison got the shit kicked out of her; sheez, she was a brat, crotchless panties and all. But there was nothing that kept the horror in statis; none of the unconscious (as Freud said) “uncanny” or (as Jung said) “the archetypal of man,” that which plagues us all, causing tension between the characters in the show we related to on a human level.

      I don’t want to say the season was bad; there were good moments. But as Thomas mentioned in many a way in previous podcast, there just wasn’t any consistency. I agree. I had no emotional investment with any character and what little uncanniness appearing throughout this season did not last long, nor was consistently threaded through the season.

      It is difficult for me in a sense; coming off of ASYLUM, I was looking forward to Coven. Witches and Voodoo are as frightening as Nuns and asylums for the criminally insane. But it didn’t happen for me. This season the show may as well have been called American Glee Story. No, I don’t want to be that cynical. As Doc says, “Deep breath,” and so I do and enjoy the season for what it was and what it wasn’t.

    • Will Smalls

      And then RM makes me gag on anything I could have said about this magickal season.! You guys are so right. I think there were awesome moments but I wasn’t scarred I had lights on eating popcorn.The finale was just meh. Does saccharine cause cancer? High hopes for the finale..but it was just campy and funny and contradiction with american pie. Highlights were gansta Myrtle Snow ”
      Balenciaga” Can’t wait for your feedback. You guys should go in and break broomsticks.

  • You know what? Here is a bonus Outrageous Theory.

    I am calling it right now. 9:45 am Sunday January 26, 2014. Myrtle Snow is going to be the next supreme. I think she’s been quietly manipulating the entire coven to position herself as the next leader. HOWEVER! It will be fleeting, she will be usurped by Nan and her resurrected coven of witches. Woot!

    What do you think? Anyone with me?

    • Mick St John

      Doc! Thomas is going to be the next Supreme! Just kidding with that one. Your theory is outrageous, and for this season has a strange kind of hinging to an unhinged season. However, I don’t think Myrtle can be the Supreme. She is kind of an air-head, and who can understand her half-the-time. I love you Myrtle!

      To be logical at this point is to be insane. And I suppose I am for attempting to look at this logically. But let me try that, for a moment, and I come up with two options. One is the King Lear theory of Coven.

      If I were to follow the KING LEAR parallel, Cordelia is the only choice. In Lear, several themes correspond to Coven and the witches therein: betrayal; authority versus chaos; madness; and reconciliation. We see Betrayal of Cordelia by Fiona. This causes a chaos (dissension) within the Coven (witch against witch); Madness in Fiona (she has no soul). To complete these themes, authority and reconciliation are the last to occur. The authority is uniting the Coven and the reconciliation is between Fiona and Cordelia. It doesn’t matter which theme precedes the other; they need to happen if the Lear scenario plays out. They are played out logically in Coven by the reconciliation between daughter and mother, Cordelia and Fiona. Cordelia claims the power over the Chaos of Fiona and rules Supreme over the Coven, uniting it stronger under the Sisterhood of Cordelia/Coven. This would make the most sense to me, since Fiona stole the Supreme from the predecessor via murder and had planned to murder her predecessor (or all the witches), not to rule, but to party for the next thirty years.

      But has this season maintained its logic? No Doc, I say NO! Which brings me to my second outrageous theory. Stevie Nicks is making an appearance on the this up and coming last episode. And I think Stevie Nicks will rule the Coven as the white winged dove, and not as the Gold-Dust Woman Fiona was.

      • Bloody brilliant!
        As long as we get more Misty Day and Stevie Nicks, I am golden.

      • Mick St John

        don’t get me started on Misty Day….the first two episodes were great with her….but they didn’t use Rabe’s talent this season….just her beauty….but, gotta love her, no matter what…..! And I do; I mean, who cannot help it….ergo, I am enjoying this season for what it is and even for what it is not!

      • Will Smalls

        Well you nailed it! I guess it makes sense but why does the family theme have to rain supreme. Is the the most horrific thing we have to face parental legacy?? I just wanted something edgier. I used to watch Nip/Tuck and thought wow..someone can write.act etc. Now it just seems we have to pander to tradition even if we are uncanny,rebelious witches. They stuck Misty day in class room killing frog..forever. Good job with teasing out Shakespeare heart. I respect the homage,I just don’t like it.