Review: The Legend of Hercules (2014)

Posted in Reviews by - January 20, 2014
Review: The Legend of Hercules (2014)

Hercules is a staple of fantasy cinema having dozens of films featuring the demi-god since the fifties and sixties with Mexican, Italian and French films, most famously played by Steve Reeves to American audiences. Arnold Schwartzenegger is known for playing him (sort of)  in Hercules in New York (1969) and Lou (The Incredible Hulk) Ferrigno is still recovering from playing him in The Adventures of Hercules (1985). This year is set to have two films about hero of the Greek mythology. One features Dwayne Johnson in Hercules: The Thracian Wars, while the other stars Kellan Lutz in The Legend of Hercules.

The latter is directed by Renny (A Nightmare on Elm Street 4: The Dream Master) Harlin and fails to bring any depth, thrills or adventure to its otherwise well photographed film. My review of the film is up on HorrorNews.Net where I scathingly bash the film for its acting, its story – which leaves much of the legend behind for a Gladiator themed rip off – and its insulting mediocrity.

The Legend of Hercules is horrendous, a terrible film that is extraordinarily confused tonally and visually. The film is filled with lame dialog, dull romance, boring action and bad, uninspired, forgettable acting. The legend of this Hercules will be its infamy as it easily takes an early worst of the year title – one that will be difficult to over throw. Please, Zues, please, let there not be a worse film than Renny Harlin’s empty celluloid monstrosity this year. The motion effects originated by Zack Snyder for 300, and later Watchmen, are used ruthlessly throughout the film to poor effect and without care or impact. Many times, the techniques, which are already becoming trite and bland, is thrown in with no good reason – just because it looks “cool” or is, perhaps, expected, not by the audience but by the studios. It is insulting, infuriating and, worse yet, boring. The film attempts to established a love story between Hercules and Princess Hebe but fails miserably without any chemistry in the least. Kellan Lutz never achieves the iconic stance or swagger necessary for the Greek demo-god making for a handsome but mediocre hero that is never actually heroic. The Legend of Hercules is far worse than the train wreck the trailers suggested, it is an abomination, a terrible film that falls flat on its over inflated, derivative face.” – Doc Rotten, HorrorNews.Net – 01/11/2014

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