Review: Pararnormal Activity The Marked Ones (2014)

Posted in Reviews by - January 19, 2014
Review: Pararnormal Activity The Marked Ones (2014)

The Paranormal Activity franchise returns to the theaters in January 2014 with a off shoot entry that moves away from the usual story line to bring a Latin flavor to the mix. Heading down to Oxnard, California, the film follows a pair of friends, Jess and Hector, who believe their neighbor may be a bruja – a witch. After she is mysteriously murdered, they investigate her home to discover they may be right. With hand held cameras in hand, they uncover horrors that may be far more linked to Katie and Kristi than anyone could have imagined.

The film is a blast with my positive review over at HorrorNews.Net – and I further defend the film on episode 40 of Horror News Radio. After the dismal Paranormal Activity 4, the is a refreshing and fun entry into the series that reinvorages the franchise making me look forward to Paranormal Activity 5 coming this October. What do you think?

Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones admirably adds new flavor to the wobbling Paranormal Activity franchise giving the series a fighting chance to survive, to continue on after the dismal failure of Paranormal Activity 4. In fact, this film is the movie the fourth entry should have been. With an appealing pair of friends in the lead, Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones provides the audience with a cast that they can root for, care for and fear for which serves the story and the series well. Through their eyes, the familiar events and found footage style are revived and given a fresh spin. The script allows the director, Christopher Landon, to take a look at the mythos and the events of the previous films with a new perspective. Above all the characters, the story and the thrills are fun, exciting, scary and entertaining. The film is a blast, a welcomed return to form the series desperately needed and a solid start to 2014.” – Doc Rotten, HorrorNews.Net – 1/3/2014

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