Eps 61 – Mr. Lobo and Ormon Grimsby – Monster Movie Podcast

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Eps 61 – Mr. Lobo and Ormon Grimsby – Monster Movie Podcast

For many monster movie fans, the first horror films they see are under the guidance of a horror host – a gruesome, but funny and endearing, character who introduces the film, providing whimsical tidbits and joyous laughter while occasionally poking fun at the source material itself. Once discovered, fans religiously flock to showing after showing, episode upon episode where their favorite horror host introduces them to the next horror classic – or monster bomb. It didn’t matter which, it was a fun, exciting and entertaining time.

“The time has come for scary things. Like vampires, ghosts, and vampire wings. Like horrible movies, all drippy and drooly. And horrible hosts like me, Svengoolie!” – Svengoolie

For many, their horror host is Zacherley or Sir Graves Ghastley or Vampira or even Elvira. For Doc Rotten, his home town horror host of his youth was Count Gore De Vol. But for many, especially those on the West Coast (of America) near the San Francisco area, that host is likely to be the guest on this episode of Monster Movie Podcast, the one and only Mr. Lobo.

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Episode 61 – Mr. Lobo and Ormon Grimsby
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Joining Doc this week is local NC horror host Ormon Grimsby as the Monster Movie Podcast co-host for episode 61 as they interview a modern icon in horror host showmanship, Mr. Lobo, who has been hosting his show Cinema Insomnia for over 10 years.  Mr. Lobo is breaking new ground working with ZOM-BEE TV launching the art of the Horror Host on home entertainment streaming devices such as ROKU. He also has a brand new Halloween/Horror record out called Horrible Noises of Mr. Lobo’s Very Bad Manor where he narrates 20 self-penned horror tales. In addition, never to leave himself too idle, Mr. Lobo can also be seen in the upcoming horror film from John Johnson and Darkstone Entertainment, Plan 9. And his signature show, Cinema Insomnia is still going on strong.

Mr. Lobo Bio from his site cinemainsomia.com:

“Mr. Lobo, AKA Mister Lobo, is a TV host, writer, actor and producer, dedicated to unusual and low budget cinema. He has also appeared in many films and was cast as CRISWELL in the long awaited remake of PLAN 9 FROM OUTER SPACE.  His motto is ‘They’re Not Bad Movies – Just Misunderstood.'”

Check out his record, Horrible Noises of Mr. Lobo’s Very Bad Manor, on Amazon.

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Ormon Grimbsy Bio from his site Monster Creature Feature (mcftv.com):

“However, no one knows exactly what became of Ormon Grimsby’s remains. Some say that town officials, unable to locate a single living relative, simply sent the body far away, to be buried in anonymity, where it could no longer stir the nightmares of an entire town.

Yet, as unbelievable as it may seem, this is not the end of Ormon Grimsby’s remarkable story. In October 2005, some ninety-two years after his documented death, a strange person calling himself Ormon Grimsby, and claiming to be a zombie, darkened the TV screens of public access viewers in Raleigh, North Carolina, appearing as the host of a deeply disturbing and horrifying show called ‘Monster Creature Feature.'”

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Mr. Lobo photos courtesy of Mr. Lobo. Ormon Grimsby photos courtesy of Ormon Grimsby.

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