Review: The Call (2013)

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Review: The Call (2013)


Veteran operator Jordan (Halle Berry) Turner, still reeling from a 911 call months ago that resulted in the death of the caller, must face her fears when another similar caller phones in. In this case, Casey (Abigail Breslin) Welson finds herself kidnapped and thrown into the trunk of a killer’s car. Jordan struggles to keep the girl calm, safe and alert in hopes someone will notice her waving from the back of the car on the freeway, and they will then also call into 911 revealing Casey’s location. Finding the car is Jordan’s only hope to saving Casey. But just as the police close in, the killer (Michael Eklund) discovers what is going on and Jordan finds herself in nearly identical circumstances with the young girl’s life hanging in the balance.


The Call, from director Brad Anderson, is not the film most movie goers expect it to be, nor is it anywhere near the disaster many predict it has to be based on its unimaginative title (which is still oddly better than it previous title, The Hive) and its debatable lackluster marking. With Halle Berry in the lead, giving an incredibly strong and emotional performance, the film is exceptional, tense and rousing, full of emotion, action and suspense. Even when the third act steps over the line of plausibility, as it tries to mold its lead into a female version of John McClane, the film manages to stay on track, delivering a fun, entertaining thriller: one that is easy to recommend. Yes, recommend. The film takes advantage of the unknown elements of a 911 call, not only from the caller’s point of view, but from the operator’s perspective as well which proves to be highly entertaining and gripping. It deals with the emotional toll it takes on the operator and faces the dangers confronting the victim on the other end of the line. It can easily be literally life and death. It’s a pulse that drives the film, Halle Berry’s character Jordan and the audiences gasps and screams.

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