Trailer: Mockingbird Lane (2012 TV-NBC)

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Trailer: Mockingbird Lane (2012 TV-NBC)

The NBC driven reboot of the CBS Munsters TV series from the 1960’s called Mockingbird Lane will premiere Friday, October 26 as a special.

The show was created (re-created?) and produced by Bryan (Pushing Daisies) Fuller and directed by Bryan (X-Men) Singer.

The cast includes Jerry (Piranha 3D)  O’Conner as Herman Munster, Portia de Rossi as Lily Munster and Eddie Izzard as Grampa, Sam Dracula. It also stars Charity Wakefield as Marilyn Munster and Mason Cook as Eddie Munster.

Find out more from NBC here.

Check out the trailer below and set your TiVo’s for Mockingbird Lane this Halloween.

Official synopsis:

Grandpa Sam Dracula is essentially Dracula who assembled Herman because no man was good enough for his daughter Lily, a sexy vamp. Lily’s niece Marilyn the freak is actually normal and Lily and Herman’s only child, Eddie, has his werewolf tendencies surface in puberty, forcing the family to relocate to their famous 1313 Mockingbird Lane address.


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